• It is with great regret that I have to write this however we have tried several solutions and all have failed.

    Due to recent events, we will no longer be making templates for public release. Why? Well, it's simple really. We've had several occasions where bits or even entire templates have been re-uploaded and completely uncredited or when parts have been taken and mixed with other Templates in the hope that we wont recognize our own work. We then call their bluff and claim our work back and of Course the admins of a certain site will back their members even if they are 100% wrong. Now, of course, we do understand that occasionally it is possible to forget about something but, When entire templates get taken, have bits removed to make look different, Credits removed and then published as somebody else's work? You can see where this is goin.

    We are sorry that these few people have had to ruin it for the rest of you but we take pride in our work and will not let our efforts be put to waste. This new policy does not mean however, that you can't get hold of our templates. We will be making a special group on the forum of trusted members who will have access to our templates. We really don't wont to seem elitist with "Who deserves our stuff". It's not like that at all, We are just fed up of having our time and effort wasted by thieves. People who want access to the group can PM staff at A&A and your name will be put forward to our team of admins who will decide. If access is not granted immediately, I'm sure if you give us the opportunity to get to know over a short period of time you will be given access.

    Conditions of joining this group:

    NO templates (or even parts of templates down to a single layer) are to be given to anybody not included in the group.

    NO private information discussed in these forums is to be discussed else where.

    If we do find that parts of our templates are still finding their way into skins made by people outside of the group and we can confirm who has passed out our templates, This person will be removed from the group. If we can not find the individual who is breaking the rules, the group will be shut down completely for everybody and our templates will remain solely for A&A Staff.

    This bring me to another point:

    Recently it has been brought to my attention that certain members do not like the fact that we have private templates. I can post the exact posts to reference this but that would just start yet another argument. Basically it was "This guy built the model and released it, I did XXXX, He did XXX, and now you wont release your template? How can you do that to us?!?" Now, no offense, but it is our right to reserve and distribute our work to who we like. It is our choice to make these templates and release skins for you, the public. It is our right to defend our work from the thieves who feel the necessity to steal it and claim it as their own. It's true, we wont release the template but we will release the skins as always. To the modders who feel like this, when you finish a project in the future, do you publish the 3DS Files so the public can edit the model themselves? Or just the end product like us? Sure, You might give the files to friends, but that is exactly the same what we do with skins and templates. So, to qoute a good friend, "Get over yourself".

    Every template when made by a skinner contains a unique element of this skinners style which make it very easy to identify who has done the work. When we release a template, If everybody decided to use it, All skins for that aircraft would look the same which would be incredibly boring. We are sorry for this new policy but, enough is enough.

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