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    Some weeks ago i visited our disposal team at B?blingen. There i was told they secured about 90 tons of WWII bombs
    and ammunition in 2012 alone so far. And this in the Baden-W?rttemberg state (southwest germany) only.
    67 years after war's end. A lot of bunkers were locked up for us, they were overfilled with WWII bomb. grenades, ammunition
    and weapons of all kind. A lot of such is still sleeping in german soil.

    In my hometown Heilbronn a large and popular plants and garden exhibition (always changing location within germany) is planned. The area choosen for it meaning trees, gardens, parks, exhibtion halls, streets, footways etc. are created on was part of a large harbour basin in WWII. After the all devastating RAF night bombing raid in december 1944 the harbour basin, which was situated in the centre of the bombing area, was filled up with all kinds of war debris. The area furthermore adjoins directly to the Heilbronn marshalling yards which were bombed over 300 times during WWII.
    The disposal team is expecting a lot of work and currently working out it's mission plan with the help of WWII aerial reconnaisance photographs made by the allies in 1945.


  • One of my friends lives a kilometer away from the place were the bomb was found, just outside the evacuated area. She didn't saw the blast, but heard it. Fortunately her house is far enough away, so no windows were damaged.

  • My village was bombed by the Luftwaffe in WW2, here is a poem that was written about the attack.
    LINK --

    Anyway at school I would be 15 a kid brought a bomb with him,which he had skimmed in a lathe.
    It looked brand new!!!
    It wasn't and was in fact a 20KG incendiary from the Luftwaffe raid.
    At 13:00 the school fire alarms went off and we were all sent home, and the army bomb disposal squad came and took the device.
    The kid had found it on the beach !!
    I had the dam thing in my hand at one stage, not knowing it was live.
    The next day the whole school was given a lecture on finding ordnance.
    Close call.
    But kinda funny looking back.
    Regards Duggy

  • Yes the explosion in Munich was heard kilometers away.

    Duggy didn't know you are british?

    'Funny' story, you were lucky.

    I know several stories of kids who found ammo or grenades while playing somewhere and some of them weren't as lucky as you.

    Here's a story i experienced myself:

    One afternoon a man appeared at our station handing me a wooden box containing several inconspicious metal cylinders which looked like the
    grave lights for the eternal flame. He told me the box were found while
    clearing out his grandpa's attic who passed away some time ago.

    He didn't know what it is but suspected it could be some kind of
    ammunition because his grandpa fought in italy during WWII.

    However i took the box and stabled it on my bureau desk promising the man i will care for it. There was some italian description on these cylinders
    but neither me nor my colleagues couldn't find out the purpose of them,
    each of us holding them in our hands while examining.

    Finally i made a call to the disposal team of the Baden-W?rttemberg ministry of inner and told their commander about the box and it's content. He was asking for a penible description which i gave to him very detailed.

    After a short break when i was finished he told me very calm to leave my bureau. lock the door and windows, take all my colleagues with me outside for having a coffee break somewhere. He will arrive within the next hour and take these most sensible disaffected italian handgrenades, WHICH WERE FAST TAKEN OUT OF PRODUCTION AFTER SEVERAL INCIDENTS OF DETONATING DURING TRANSPORT OR WHILE IN THE HANDS OF THE THROWER during WWII! Guess i was getting pale white when following the given advice to have a forced coffee break with my comrades. I have never
    left my bureau and locked up the door so carefully!

    When the disposal team showed up the commander told me i anyway reacted well in calling him soon. A week ago it was ringing at the maingate of their areal and a patrol brought a sharp 8,8 cm flak grenade which they just have thrown in the boot/luggage trunk of their car and driven nearly 100
    kilometers to the disposal team without giving any notice before.

    However the commander invited me for a visit which i undertook
    on july 10th this year. Here are some impressions, the ammo pics were made in the bunkers where it is stored as been found in german soil, rivers etc. and some found WWI, WWII and afterwards (mostly 'lost' or 'forgotten' in manouvres) restored in the exhibition room where on display:









































  • That looks like an interesting place to visit!
    Living in the states, the most dangerous thing I've dug up around here was an old Civil War-era minie ball.

    I will confess to doing some stupid ordnance handling tricks while in Iraq/Kuwait in '91.
    Oh, I wonder what treasures are in this BMP? (Hint: the boxes on top are full of AT-3 Sagger anti-tank missles)
    We wanted to take a couple boxes and the ground mount/control unit with us "just in case we'd need it later", but our LT refused us permission.

    MPs put up wire around this Type 59-II after guys were caught removing tank rounds (look on the ground). I only took the commander's sight, a laser rangefinder and a couple of the driver's periscopes. I still have the sight and periscopes!

    S-60 (57mm) anti-aircraft gun rounds and boxes of SA-14 anti-aircraft missles! I took a wooden ammo crate and an empty shell.

    We found this and a couple other RPG-18 anti-tank rockets intact and had some unplanned 'threat weapon training'. Yep, it felt just like firing an M-72 LAW. The MPs made me throw the empty tube in a fire because it was 'a weapon'. My argument that it was an expended fiberglass and metal round (which were OK to take home) fell on deaf ears...

  • Thanks for that cheruskerarmin. Very interesting and Dangerous as well

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