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    Hello everyone; long time, no see. I hope you are all doing great and in good health.

    Just wanted to announce my first paintjob for MSFS2020 is now available at

    Just go to the library search page (must be logged-in to d/l):

    Then copy-paste the following into the filename search box:

    ...or if you're already logged-in, here's the direct link:

    This is a fictional paint-scheme, which began as an actual representation of Frontier's current "Grizwald the Bear" livery, but due to the "warped" mapping of the default MSFS2020 A320Neo model's fuselage, it was impossible to render a quality (perfectly straight) depiction of the large "FRONTIER" script and "arrow" along the length of the fuselage. Therefore, I elected to combine the user-friendly "1994-2001" Frontier logo with the "2001-2014" green engine cowlings and the "2014-XXXX" nose name-script. I also used a stand-in bear for the Grizwald tail-art.

    Not sure if I'll do any more of these. Frontier flies over my house every day, so my goal was to get at least one Frontier plane into the sim and create a scheme that looks right at home at Colorado's KDEN or KCOS; I hope you'll agree.

    Thanks for all the work you guys are doing at A&A! You continue to bring much enjoyment to our community.

    All the Best! ~ Rudi

  • Hi Rudi, nice paintjob.

    I haven't bought MSFS 2020 yet. I am not a huge civil avition fan, but I am really interested in the technology they use for the landscape. If it's working as advertised, I see a huge potential.

    The problem is, that I am not sure my PC can run it. To bad, that they don't have a demo version.

  • Hey Rudi, long time no see, welcome back! Nice skin, I hope we'll see some more smile

  • Thanks friends; good to hear from you again.

    Regarding MSFS performance; I got the impression that if a rig can handle the old FSX, it'll handle the new one (and just about any other sim out there). Although scenery-loading from Bing Maps now depends for the most part on a high-speed internet connection, the faster the better; but it is possible to fly off-line with cached scenery, just not as much detail unless hi-def scenery was saved to a manual cache (something I have not tried yet). FWIW, here are the specs from my latest build a few months ago:

    CoolerMaster HAF Case, Seasonic 750W Gold PSU, MSI Z390-A PRO MB, i5-9600KF 3.7-4.6 GHz CPU w/ DeepCool GAMMAXX 400 Hs/F, MSI GeForce RTX 2070, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, Sabrent 256GB Rocket M2 (OS), 3x WD Blue 500GB SSDs (Games), Seagate 2TB HD (Storage), LG 4k 41" Display, Trackir5

    Not exactly a state-of-the-art PC-muscle-car, but it's a bang-for-the-buck rig that runs all my sims with no noticeable hiccups at 4K res. Although I have noticed an occasional stutter with the MSFS scenery-loading, but I think it's due to my modest line-speed (@ 40 Mbps). I run MSFS at high settings, but have not tried Ultra settings yet; I just went mostly with the settings that were present at installation. Over-all, I'm impressed with the visuals of the new sim, but I still keep FSX on my system; with Orbx scenery, it's still nice to look at, and allows me to fly a greater variety of aircraft than what's currently available for MSFS. Plus it's a nice back-up if the internet connection goes down. I should also mention that I elected to install MSFS on a mechanical hard-drive, as I was apprehensive about how much space the sim would eventually require with all the future add-ons and such. Anyway, those are my first impressions in a nutshell.

    Whether I make more skins remains to be seen; if anything it might be a stand-alone version of the one I just did (for addition to existing A320Neo installs). There are so many great sims to choose from these days, and I still like to get my combat-fix with CoD Blitz and Great Battles, so it's difficult to make some creative-time. Especially when you guys are already cranking-out such incredible work. It makes some of the old stuff I used to create for the original IL2 look like paintings from a cave wall biglaugh . So kudos to all of you here at A&A for all the great content you continue to freely share with everyone.

    Btw; I hope nobody gets the impression I "jumped ship" by choosing as the host site, rather than A&A. I just thought it was more appropriate for the genre, as I've felt a bit guilty for having the only two FSX files in the category at A&A, being a historical combat-sim site and all. So if you guys want to sweep my civilian stuff out the back-door of the hangar, it's certainly understandable and okay with me. I'm just happy to see my old IL2 stuff still being hosted here, in the company of such fine artists; it really is a great feeling.

    Cheers! ~ Rudi

  • Nice to see you around still Rudi, and I can assure you nothing of yours will be swept! Your work will always be welcome here wink

  • your home, I haven't settled in your room, it's waiting for you. wink

  • Thanks Mates, much appreciated! smile

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