• Hello everyone,

    I had a similar thread at the old hangar, so thought I'd start a new one here. Besides IL2, I enjoy any sim that features nice graphics, so you might see a variety of subjects as this thread progresses.. which is why I didn't post in the 'IL2 Specific' screenshot forum.

    I usually grab around 50-75 shots in a session, and select only the ones that catch my eye as I cycle through them; then they go through a secondary selection process prior to any cropping or editing. Although you won't see many shots featuring editing, unless I'm after some sort of artsy effect. When it comes to screenshots, I'm more of a "what you see is what you get" sort of fellow. I want folks to know that what they see, is entirely possible given the sim's features and the right hardware. Usually, the only thing I might do, is a little cropping to balance the composition, and perhaps add a frame to dress them up a bit.

    The screenshots below were captured at 1920x1080, and were 'scaled down' until they fit withing the boundaries of PSP7 without any scroll bars. I used this method, rather than resizing to a 'fixed' dimension, so they will fit better proportionately for anyone who might like to set them as wallpaper, yet still be 'postable' (or so I hope) in the forum. So this is also a bit of an experiment; if anyone has problems viewing any shots due to their size, then I'll try reposting them in a smaller format. Most of the shots below are panoramas rather than close-ups, so I feared that many of the little details would be lost if I downsized any further. I also noticed at my favorite online computer store, that the predominent monitor sales are for the 1920x1080 models, so yet another reason I went with these dimensions.

    As much of what we see in screenshots is often limited by hardware, I'll post the specs of my current home-build. I'm sure we've all experienced the disappointment of viewing some truly fantastic shots throughout our various forum travels, only to learn they were achieved using the latest 'state of the art' hardware. As you can see, my kit is not exactly the latest nor greatest; so whatever you see in this thread should be within reach of most viewers. The only additional performance booster, was overclocking the processor:

    OS: W7 Home x64 / Case: Cooler Master HAF932 / PSU: Antec Trio 650w / MB: ASUS P8Z68-V LX / CPU: i5 2500K @ 4.5 Ghz on Cooler Master Hyper 212+ / RAM: 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz / Gfx: MSI GTX560Ti Twin FroZr, factory OC / Mon: Dynex 37" 1080p / 1xWD250GB - OS only, 1xWD250GB - FSX only, 1xCorsair Nova2 60GB SSD - RoF, MafiaII, LA Noire / 1XWD350GB - Fs9 & IL2 / Saitek AV8R & TrackIR5.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the views; lets get started smile ....


    The FSX scene above features one of my favorite rides, Ant's De Havilland Tiger Moth DH-82A, and the Jackson Hole, Wyoming (KJAC) scenery from Orbx/FTX, with environment textures from REX 2. With the Grand Teton Range to the west, the Tiger Moth turns east toward the sunrise. Both pilot and passenger are bundled up in their heaviest flight gear, as they ply the crisp morning air.

    A few more...






    More to follow, next time I take a break from skinning. Cheers! smile

  • Wow, great shots Rudi, you are going to make me fire up my FXS game. I last played trying to fly the Glider and got stuck there.

  • Wow!! Rudi, I sure would like to talk to the artist that did the map... I keep telling myself I should at least have one non military Flight Sim.

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