• Emel, that last screenshot isn't my skin. cheesey it's Ronnco's that I'm using as a bit of a bar or example to try and have my skin attain to.

    I'm really excited about mine thus far though, I got the little stuff on there now with the "badger stripe" and such. just working on the "smoke" for the guns and engines and getting the mouth all adjusted and lined up. Here it is so far:

    the yellow stripe on the nose is just for reference atm to see how the nose actually works in-game vs the skin. Although I'm kind of liking the yellow now.

    it's all on a "stock version" of IL-2:1946 4.12.1m

  • That's a good idea using a skin you like (RONNCO's) as something to aim for... back when I started skinning I aimed low and just tried to better the old, pre 4.09, stock skins cheesey
    Just one request, when taking a screenie of the undersides could you roll the plane onto its side so it gets some light on the undersides? It'd make it easier to see more details smile

  • HB...
    DOH! cheesey that's not a bad idea at all for getting a better glimpse at the underside! lol

    right now i'm having fun trying to invert the colors of the panel lines and rivets cheesey I want one set white, one set black, and then I can really get going on that part a little better.

    After that, I want to get the US Markings on her.

    then I'll try again with some "smoke" techniques for the exhaust and guns

    dirt on the underside and splashed a bit on the elevator for dirt landings

    I'm debating on how much I want to weather the aircraft. I really like my "pattern" technique, and I'm debating on adding some panel wear like SloppyJoe and Ronnco do on theirs, or leave her kinda cleaner for now.

    then I'm hoping that my girl's "Cortana Nose-art" will be all squared away rolleyes so I can add that to her as well cheesey She draws so well and was happy to make my noseart for my planes! cheesey I'm lucky, I know.

    Then, I just need to tweak the "badger mouth" a bit more to my liking, but that's part of the joys of those! cheesey at least I got the stripe the way I want it.

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