• Hallo Thunderbolt skinners, I have a request for 'all' Thunderbolt skins. As you probably know a P-47 pack was launched at SAS, covering a lot of variants, B, C, D-30, D-40, M-1 and N-5 (I think). Most planes were available earlier, but now they are combined and with many load-outs. My request for the B and C variant:
    is it possible to rework existing skins in the area of the cowlflaps? Most B & C skins were made on the D template with the result that nose art is not looking as it should be. Removing / cutting the flap area shorter would remove this.
    Ccowling Zps72235e31

    And along the same line; is it possible to colour the area marked in yellow with the colour of the fuselage / anti glare panel in future skins? This would give the variants with a dorsal spine the right look:

    AngelsPlaymate Zps49732e61
    1 Zpscd8102b5

    as an example of not coloured and the following coloured:

    507thFg Zpse004ab23
    1 Zpscc50863f

    Sorry for the long storie, please keep skinning.

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