• Hi guys,
    I must admit I'm a little bit nervous of posting this as, being a noob mission builder and all, I'm sailing into uncharted waters but what the heck, here goes.
    I've long enjoyed mucking around in FMB so when 4.12 was released I spent last weekend playing around with it and decided to try my hand at building a dogfight map utilizing the new objects and two of the new flyable a/c, the Hawk-75 and the Kate. As I feel the Solomons maps are a great piece of work I thought Bougainville would make a reasonable stand-in for any of the East Indies islands and a mission based on the Java campaign would give good reason to use the H-75 and the oft forgotten CW-21 as the Dutch used both.
    The mission represents the operations at the eastern end of the island which was where the Dutch and the US were active however I've also included the RAF (who were at the western end) seeing as they bore the brunt in South East Asia during the first few months of the Pacific war (except in the Phillipines of course).
    What has been interesting is trying to balance historical accuracy while keeping the playing field level for both Red and Blue, which has also effected the plane types I've included. The Val and Kate are in although I don't recall reading of them being used from the land bases in Borneo (Zeros, G3Ms and G4Ms were the order of the day I think) yet I've included them to give the Blues some more strike options and as one can now fly the Kate. smile Likewise I included the A-20C (so the Reds have a torpedo carrier) as the Dutch had received some DB-7s although they didn't get to use them. I haven't included the SBD-3 (a.k.a A-24 Banshee) seeing as the default skin is way too inaccurate for the time and the allied fighters have enough bomb carrying capacity anyway... even if they didn't (so far as I'm aware) during the real thing in 1942.
    Anyhoo, I must ask, do you guys have experience building dogfight missions and if so are there any pointers, tips and like?
    Here're some screenies, there's plenty more happening on the map but I didn't want to spam with a bunch of random shots wink

    DF FoJ 1a Zps4c2e99cc
    DF FoJ 1b Zpscb04239d
    DF FoJ 1c Zpsfcbf4a18
    DF FoJ 1d Zps4c088320
    DF FoJ 1e Zps7cae7eb4
    DF FoJ 1f Zps5364f2ee
    DF FoJ 1g Zpsb11354ad


  • Harry, just noticed this thread

    looking good your screenies, a very interesting scenario, but sadly i don?t have any experiences in dogfight missions - i?m offliner only

  • Cheers mate. This is pretty much done however I have some ideas for other scenarios so I'm thinking I may make those then package them together.

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