• Fly train busting missions as pilot of 7./KG 51 with the Ju-88 C-6 in spring 1943.


    A while ago I discovered the scanned original combat diary of III./ Kampfgeschwader 51 for 1943 in a German archive. It was my primary source when I created the campaign missions. Like other Ju-88 equipped eastern front units KG 51 formed a specialized train busting Staffel in early 1943, that was based at Bagerovo on the Crimean Peninsula and flew missions mostly during the night far into enemy territory to hunt for trains.


    Battle of Kuban and Battle of Normandy

    Place the folder "TrainBusters" from the zip file into the games ...\data\Campaigns directory

    A mission is complete when the player returns to his home airfield.
    Do not hide the entire HUD (H key) when flying missions. Doing so will disable the messages you receive during flight.
    There are no waypoints in the missions, but you can use autopilot for take-off and landing.
    Target areas are marked on the map.

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