• Hi there,

    a skin pack for the late war Luftwaffe fighter generic skins in BoP, to replace the vanilla skins for

    Bf109G-6, Bf109G-6late, Bf109G-14, Bf109K-4, Fw190A-8 and Fw190D-9.

    So what´s the idea?

    In the last year of the war Luftwaffe changed the camo schemes form th three tone grey into more and more dark green and brown colours. I have made four packs with the different colour schemes.

    - autumn 1944
    - winter 1945
    - spring 1945
    - the last days

    The folowing picture shows the different paintings for the Fw190D-9 as an example:


    You can choose the ONE of your choice or if you go through the vanilla BoP campaign, you can choose first the pack for autumn, later on the pack for winter and so on. You can only activate one pack at a time, deactivate first the old pack and than activate the new one.

    How to install?

    You will need a Mods folder and the generic mod enabler.

    Unzip the file into your MODS folder and you will have four packs like this:


    Activate the one you like and start a mission/campaign.

    Available in the dl section


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