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    I've uploaded my latest campaign project:

    You can fly the Bf-109 G-6 (early) as a pilot of II./JG 52 during the the Red Army's Kerch-Eltigen Operation in November and December 1943.

    Battle of Kuban and the Bf-109 G-6 collector plane are required to play the campaign.

    In October 1943 the evacuation of the Kuban bridgehead was completed and all German and Romanian forces had been transported across the Strait of Kerch to the Crimean Peninsula. The Soviets decided to launch two amphibious landings on the eastern coast of the Crimea as a prelude to the retaking of the entire peninsula. The first landing took place on 1 November at Eltigen and the second a few days later at Yenikale, east of Kerch. At the same time the Red Army reached the Perekop Isthmus and cut of the Crimea from the mainland, isolating the German 17th Army. The Kerch region was defended by General Allmendinger's weak 5th Army Corps that was supported by Romanian forces. On the Soviet side, the Kerch-Eltigen Operation was carried out by the 18th and 56th Army as well as the Black Sea Fleet and the Azov Flotilla. In the air the Crimea was defended by Luftflotte 4. At the beginning of November its only fighter units were I./JG 52 as well as the Croatian 15.(kroat.)/JG 52. Covering both the Kerch Peninsula and the Perekop Isthmus region was impossible for this meagre force. Therefore it was decided to send II./JG 52 to Bagerovo west of Kerch. The unit commanded by Gerhard Barkhorn arrived on 3 November and, although heavily outnumbered, soon made their presence felt.

  • The campaign was officially added to the game and I've removed the download. Those who had installed it, will now see two versions of the campaign in the scripted campaign menu. To fix this you can delete the folder "Kerch-Eltigen" under "...\data\Campaigns", but this will also delete your old campaign progress and you will have to refly the missions.

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