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    Are you working on another scripted campaign ?

  • Yes, I will soon release a short Fw-190 campaign on the Moscow map. The historical background is Operation Mars in November and December 1942.

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    I've created a campaign version of the mission pack:

    After numerous suggestions to turn the Platzschutzstaffel missions into a campaign, I finally caved in. I've decided to create a campaign based on the experiences of Kurt Ebener, the most successful pilot of the unit, so only the missions in which he participated made it into the campaign. The campaign has 13 missions. Eight come from the mission pack, five are completely new. Looking at the old missions, I wasn't really satisfied with them, so they got a complete rework. The new versions now have much more random elements and overall the mission logic should work much better.

    The missions and the background story are inspired by the diary Ebener wrote during his time in the Stalingrad pocket. The complete diary hasn't been published yet, but parts of it were used and quoted in books and articles. While writing the background story I usually tried to stay close to the content of the original texts and not take too much artistic freedom. What I've added myself is mostly some additional information on the situation inside the Stalingrad pocket.

  • I?ve also done some research on the fate of the pilots mentioned in my campaign and mission pack.

    It?s always said that German submarine crews had the highest loss rate during the war. Obviously the situation for Luftwaffe fighter pilots wasn't much better. Only three men from this list survived the war.

    Kurt Br?ndle, Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 3.
    KIA 03.11.43, shot down into the sea by P-47 escort fighters or Canadian Spitfires while intercepting an attack on Amsterdam by medium bombers. His body was later washed ashore near Zandvoort on 30 December 1943.
    Credited with more than 700 combat missions and 180 air victories.

    Franz Daspelgruber, Leutnant 3./JG 3, later Oberleutnant and Staffelkapit?n of 10./JG 3.
    MIA 16.07.43 in air combat with B-24s northwest of Taranto.
    Credited with 46 victories.

    Gustav Dilling, Feldwebel in 5./JG 3.
    KIA 14.06.44 during combat with B-26s.
    Credited with 51 air victories.

    Kurt Ebener, Feldwebel in 4./JG 3.
    01.03.43 transfer to Erg?nzungsjagdgruppe Ost as an instructor.
    07.04.43 awarded Ritterkreuz and promotion to Leutnant.
    31.03.44 transfer to 5./JG 11.
    WIA/POW 23.08.44, shot down by American fighters southeast of Paris and 01.45 repatriated, due to severity of his wounds.
    Credited with c. 150 combat missions and 57 air victories.
    Survived the war; died 07.05.75 in Fischbach/Germany.

    Richard Eisele, Unteroffizier in 3./JG 3.
    KIA 14.01.1943, shot down by enemy fighters over Pitomnik.

    Hans Frese, Feldwebel in 4./JG 3, later Leutnant and Staffelkapit?n of 1./JG 3.
    KIA 08.03.44, crashed near Belzig/Germany.
    Credited with 44 air victories.

    Gustav Frielinghaus, Leutnant/Oberleutnant and Staffelkapit?n in 6./JG 3.
    01.05.44 ? 25.06.44 Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 3.
    Credited with c. 350 combat missions and 74 air victories.
    Survived the war; died 11.09.63 in D?sseldorf/Germany.

    Rudolf Germeroth, Hauptmann and Staffelkapit?n in 3./JG 3, also commander of Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik.
    KIA 14.10.43, shot down by P-47 near Antwerp.
    Credited with 8 air victories.

    Kurt Hofrath, Unteroffizier 2./JG 3.
    KIA 03.01.1943, probably shot down by enemy fighters during transfer flight from Pitomnik.
    Credited with 21 air victories.

    Theodor Kaiser, Unteroffizier in 1./JG 3, later Leutnant and Staffelkapit?n of 3./JG 3.
    WIA 17.12.44 in combat with P-47s over the Ardennes.
    Credited with 22 air victories.
    Survived the war.

    Adolf Leib, Leutnant in 2./JG 3.
    KIA 22.02.44, shot down near Haringvliet/Holland, bailed out but was found dead in his chute.
    Credited with 4 air victories.

    Werner Lucas, Oberleutnant and Staffelkapit?n in 4./JG 3.
    KIA 24.10.43, shot down by Spitfires near Leiden/Holland.
    Credited with 106 air victories.

    Heinz Obst, Unteroffizier 3./JG 3.
    MIA 03.01.1943, probably shot down by enemy fighters during transfer flight from Pitomnik.
    Credited with 5 air victories.

    Georg Pissarski, Unteroffizier in 4./JG 3
    KIA 10.06.43, shot down by Spitfires north of Gent.
    Credited with 9 air victories.

    Georg Schentke, Leutnant in 2./JG 3.
    MIA/KIA 25.12.42, bailed out after shooting down an Il-2, captured but never heard of again. Allegedly beaten to death by Red Army soldiers.
    Credited with 90 air victories.

    Rudolf Traphan, Feldwebel in 5./JG 3
    KIA 11.04.1944
    Credited with 13 air victories.

    Otto Wirth, Unteroffizier in 3./JG 3.
    KIA 08.10.1943
    Credited with 12 air victories.

  • Thanks mate, very interesting.

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