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Sun Feb 04 2018, 10:11PM
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I've been a computer gamer for over 30 years and an online gamer for over 25 years, since before the days of commercial internet or online graphics. I started out flying with my first joystick...

..on my Commodore Amiga 1000. I moved up to something more akin to a flight stick...

...and thought I was some hotshot pilot then!

Lately, I haven't flown much...just every once in a while in World War II Online. Now, I find myself drawn to a game I've had for a while, but haven't ever done much with, 1946. In the real world, I'm the full time caregiver for my disabled wife. I also have two hyper sons who never slow down, the oldest of whom also has Asperger Syndrome. With all three of them needing me fairly frequently, it's been rare for me to have a couple hours at a time to actually play a game. However, the wife is doing pretty well and the boys are getting older and easier to manage. I may actually sneak some time for myself and do some simming.

I've browsed this site in the past and read some of the forum threads, but have never gotten involved until now. I look forward to getting into this a bit more and learning things from all you experts out there. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure being had.

Wait... That didn't come out right.

(or maybe it did)



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Mon Feb 05 2018, 06:40AM

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Welcome to the hangar mate.
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Tue Feb 06 2018, 06:36AM

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Welcome to A&A Irish/O'Donovan! Nice to see another WWIIOL player about, I haven't played in a while but have played it on and off a lot over the years, chances are we've killed each other a few times... although probably not in the air, I played it for the inf and armor game

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Sat Feb 10 2018, 03:58AM

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welcome m8
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