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 Duggy   23 Dec : 10:54
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New from HBPencil
One fully marked skin of EP312 which was the personal aircraft of Wing Commander Dereck 'Bill' Kain in May 1944. At the time his job was to keep an overview of fighter airfields in North Africa.
Vb Dereck Kain
Get it Here - http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1050
New from HBPencil
A fantastic FE2b, A5663, 'Pepps' of No. 100 Squadron, which was a specialist night bombing unit in 1918, as flown by 2nd Lt A. R. 'Reggie' Kingsford.
Fe2b Kingsford
Get it Here - http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1049
New From PatCartier
Six awesome skins of La5s from the 88th GIAP INC #73 and #84.
Get them Here - http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1047
New From PatCartier
An amazing pack of Bf 109 G2's of 15(Kroatian)/JG52
8 skins 4k. They are as historically accurate as I could do.
INC 3 great SP missions provided by Juri_JS.
Get it Here - http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1048