Home Defence DGen Campaign v1.5 - for IL-2 4.11

Author Juri_JS
Description Home Defence DGen campaign 1.5

Fly as Japanese Army or Navy pilot over Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Kyushu in 1944 and 1945.
+ USAAF 15th Fighter Group bonus campaign

The campaign has been updated to the new DGen by Asura and is no longer fully compatible with the old DGen by Starshoy.

Campaigns and flyable planes:

- Home Defence - Imperial Japanese Army (A6M, J2M, N1K2)
- Home Defence - Imperial Japanese Navy (Ki-43, Ki-61, Ki-84, Ki-100)
- 15th Fighter Group (P-51D)


Il-2 1946 version 4.11 or the latest modded version of the game (UP/DBW)
DGen mod by Asura


The campaigns will NOT correctly work with the old DGen.exe file created by Starshoy only with Asura's new DGen.

1. Download and install the latest version of Asura's new DGen.

Download links to the DGen mod files can be found in the following forum threads:,20104.0.html

Make sure to download and install the most recent files!

2. Extract the campaigns DGen and PaintSchemes folders contained in the .zip file into your games main directory.

3. The campaigns were created for the unmodded version of the game. If you are using Ultra Pack or Dark Blue world, put the files from the folder "Files for mod users" into your DGen folder after you installed the campaign files and overwrite the files from the unmodded version.

See the readme file for further information.

changes in 1.5: campaign files updated for Asura's new DGen, new B-29 skins by Jaypack44, added extra files for mod users

The 1.4 version of the campaign for the old DGen is still available at Mission4Today.
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Date Sunday 18 March 2012 - 12:37:05
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  • 11 years ago
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    Thanks Juri, Looks very good with lots of options
    I will try it for sure.

    Cheers RDDR

  • 11 years ago
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    A very well made addition/rework for the stock Il2 campaign, adds a lot to the game. Enjoying it frequently.

    Many thx for doing it.
  • 11 years ago
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    Am a big fan of all the DGEN-designers and their products.

    Looking forward to the DBW-version (and of course the new Asura DGenerator!).

    Thank you!

    Pierre :yahoo:
  • 11 years ago
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    Looking forward to the DBW version when it becomes available, thanks for all the hard work

    Cheers Dakpilot
    [ edited 16 Apr : 17:28 ]
  • 12 years ago
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    Excellent work thank you. Regarding DBW, I love Japancat's Zeros, so I will have to disregard the campaign skins and find replacements, I won't patch them out. Do you have any plans for a modded version with Japancat compatible skins?
  • 12 years ago
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    When the final version of the new DGen by Asura is released I will update the campaign. I have no plans for a modded version, but in the next release I can include some extra files for mod users that will allow the use of Japancats Zeros and make the campaign fully compatible with UP/DBW.