Korean Air War 1951 v1.0

Author Boelcke
Description KoreanAirWar1951 Zpslbia5lht

The campaign features

- a fighter campaign for USAAF and for the North Korean airforce,

- also a fighterbomber campaign for the USAAF

- and an US Navy part.

Made for HSFX 7.02 or better and Asuras dgen.exe mod.
Flyable planes:

F 80
F 84
F 86
F 51
F 4U
F 9F
MIG 15bis

you will have to fly the MIG 15 for Japan (IJA), but with the right marked skins it will work quite well. All campaigns will be shown in the carrer rooster as "Boelckes Korea ... campaign".

All skins from chromhunt with these exceptions: B29 from Rudi Jaeger, A26 from Texx and from Boelcke, F 51 by Boelcke.


Requirements - without these files the campaign will not work:

- HSFX 7.02 or better

- Asuras dgen.exe mod or better - get it here

- HSFX 7 plane data files for Asuras dgen.exe mod v1.5 - get it here

and you need to install additional the A 26 plane into your HSFX install.

The A 26 from DocHoliday:,41438.0.html

and the AutoDiffFm mod for HSFX 7 from Ton414:

If you are not familiar with expanding the HSFX mod pack, i have packed these both mods for you. You only need to unzip the file and copy the files according to the file structure from the zip file into the IL2 Sturmovik folder - but it only will work if you don´t have added already one or more other planes into your HSFX.

Get the files here:

Full credits to Doc Holiday and Ton 414.

Install instructions:

Step 1: Install Asuras dgen.exe - first backup the stock dgen.exe, everything else doesn´t matter

Step 2: Install the campaign, simply copy all the files from the zip file into the\DGEN and \DGEN\MOD folder (no subfolder)

Step 3: The HSFX 7 plane data base files for Asuras dgen.exe mod, you need these files, without them the campaign don´t work, always use the latest version of the files (1.5 yet), if you are using a former version of these files please update.

copy these files into the \DGEN\Mod folder - AFTER you have installed Asuras dgen.exe and overwrite the old files
It´s needed to get the campaign work

Step 4: Install the A26 plane into your HSFX installation.

Check the dgen_mod.ini in the IL2 root folder and copy these lines into it before starting a campaign:


The campaign is a non commercial product. Every commercial using is denied by the author.

Do not edit or alter the campaign or skins. Contact the author at for permission.

The campaign is not to be upload elsewhere.

Copyright by Boelcke.
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