Luftwaffe Night Bomber Campaign

Author Boelcke
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The Luftwaffe night bomber campaign in spring 1944 "Operation Steinbock" against the gathering allied invasion fleet in the southern ports of Britain.

The campaign was designed for HSFX 7 and Asuras dgen mod.

I´ve used the Biscay map for this.

Flyable planes:

JU 88A4
Do217 K2
Do217 M1

Skins are also included.

An experimental RAF Night fighter campaign is also included with the flyable Beau MK X, Mossi MK VI and the P 61, but without a ground control guidance help it´s very fragmentaric.

The arfields are equipped with runway lights. When starting or landing, you have to turn on the Runway lights with asking the ground controll. When heading back to France every now and then you will be able to notice allied night bomber riads and searchlights, just for immersion.

Attention: You also need to Asuars DGEN.EXE mod

After installing Asuras dgen.exe mod, copy these files

into the \DGEN\MOD folder, overwriting the existing ones.

Check this thread for some more information and screenshots:


The campaign is a non commercial product. Every commercial using is denied by the author.

Do not edit or alter the campaign or skins. Contact the author at for permission.

The campaign is not to be upload elsewhere.

Copyright by Boelcke.
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  • 8 years ago
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    What a campaign!

    Please make us a comprehensive german night fighter campaign!