MTO campaign 1941-43 for HSFX 7 - V 1.3

Author Boelcke
Description MTO Campaign2 Zps7a9e215a

What is needed to play the campaign:

- working with IL2 V 4.12 and HSFX 7 only!!!!

- Asuras DGEN.EXE mod: It´s Version or better

Mro´s Tunesia map:,5250.0.html


the new skin pack version 2 (59 MB):

What is the campaign about:

It has parts for Luftwaffe, RAF, USAAF and the Regia Aeronautica fighter pilots:

First Malta Blitz March 1941 - map mrz_Malta
March 1941, the first attack of the Afrika Korps - JIR´s North Africa map
April 1941, Push to Tobruk - JIR´s North Africa map
November 1941, Operation Crusader - JIR´s North Africa map
Second Malta Blitz May 1942 - map mrz_Malta
Spring 1942, the slow advance back to Cyrenaica - JIR´s North Africa map
Summer 1942, first battle of El Alamain - JIR´s North Africa map
October 1942 second battle of El Alamein and retreat - JIR´s North Africa map
Tunisia Early 1943, Defense of Tunis - MrO´s Tunesia map
Sicily May 1943, Retreat from Africa - JIR´s Algeria, Tunesia,Sicily map
Sicily June 1943, Defense of Sicily - JIR´s Algeria, Tunesia,Sicily map
Sicily July 1943, Invasion of Sicily - JIR´s Algeria, Tunesia,Sicily map

for RAF, USAAF and Reggia Aeronautica. For the Luftwaffe i added a second campaign for the Tunisia and Sicily theater. the reason is the fact that it´s still not possible to change the players unit in a campaign. So the first campaign for Luftwaffe from 1941 till the end of 1942 is for I./JG 27 with the historic setting, I./JG 27 was released from this theatre of war at the end of 1942. For the Tunisia and Sicily campaign i added a separate Luftwaffe campaign in which the player is able to chosse one of the following units:

II./JG 27, II./JG 51, I. II. and II./JG 53 and I. II. or III./JG 77.

You will find the campaign in the campaign rooster as *Boelckes MTO campaign for Reggia Aeronautica, RAF and USAAF, * Boelckes North Africa campaign and * Boelckes Tunesia to Sicily campaign for Luftwaffe.



- added new italian squadrons
- added italian bombers to the campaign (BR 20, Breda 65, SM79, Ju87)
- added the P 51A as A36 to the Sicily part
- improved missions
- improved spawn locations for the RAF campaigns
- more populated maps
- and a huge ammount of bug fixing


- fixed a bug in the Sicily campaign which causes crashes
- added the MC 205III to all Sicily campaign parts
- added Torpedo bomber missions to the campaign
- carrier battles and Navy planes added to the Malta part two
- some fixes with skins and stuff


- added RAF fighter bomber campaign with Spit Vc CW (Tunisia and Sicily)
- added USAAF fighter bomber campaign with P51A (Sicily)
- added a short Luftwaffe Jabo campaign with FW 190A (Tunisia)
- added HS 129 Schlachtflieger Campaign (Tunisia)
- Bug Fixing


The campaign file pack pack is a non-commercial product. Every commercial use is denied by the author. Do not upload the campaign anywhere else or alter the campaign files.

Install instructions:

Step 1: Install MrO´s Tunesia map and check if it is available in FMB

Step 2: Install Asuras dgen.exe - first backup the stock dgen.exe, everything else doesn´t matter

Step 3: Install the campaign, simply copy all the files from the zip file into the\DGEN folder (no subfolder)

Step 4: The HSFX 7 plane data base files for Asuras dgen.exe mod, you need these files, without them the campaign don´t work:

copy these files into the \DGEN\Mod folder - AFTER you have installed Asuras dgen.exe and overwrite the old files It´s needed to get the campaign work

Check the dgen_mod.ini in the IL2 root folder and copy these lines into it before starting a campaign:


Kown issues:

- It is possible that sometimes your squadron will transfer to an enemy airfield, when the frontlines are moving

workaround for this problem: disable "no instant success" in the options of the campaign rooster or difficult settings, when starting a campaign, so you are always able to skip such a mission and go on with the next mission.

- If the Italian campaigns don´t start, you are most likely missing some small files in your DGEN folder, download this

and copy the two files into the DGEN folder and try again


- to Flatspinman who gave me permission to use his objects from his Tunesia campaign for the Tunesia map
- to Mick and Monty27 who supported me with the objects of the airfields on both maps
- to Slawek1971, who provides me with historic research and a lot of help for populating the map
- to RedEye_Jir and MrO for the wonderful maps
- to Steven-essex for his fantastic screenshot art, i took the teaser picture from him.
- to the HSFX mod pack creators for this great mod pack
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Date Saturday 22 February 2014 - 18:34:01
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  • 7 years ago
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    I was getting errors trying to run this campaign and noticed two files were missing. Your download is missing the "Northern_Africa_JirTowns.dat" and "Northern_Africa_JirAF.dat" files to put in the /Dgen/MOD folder. I found them on some third party site and added them to my install, and it works properly now.
  • 8 years ago
    0 0
    Same for me, installed everything and get only a beep

    wondering what i done wrong
  • 9 years ago
    0 0
    Have downloaded and installed all components activating MrO_Tunis map via jsgme. When I push Generate campaign bttton, all I get is a beep.
  • 9 years ago
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    I noticed that the Italian campaign starts with Malta Blitz, in May '41 and the next map is Africa in April '41. Is this as intended, or is it supposed to be March?

    The Malta '41 also has the Beaufighter Mark 21 as a spawnable plane. That plane didn't appear for another 3 years.

    Campaign crashes when trying to load the next map.

    [ edited 25 Aug : 14:48 ]
  • 10 years ago
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    I got a problem: I installed the campaign according to the ReadMe, but there isn't any Regia Aeronautica Campaign to choose in the nations drop-down menu (actually there isn't even "Italy" listed)...
    I need to install something else?

    thank you


  • 9 years ago
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    You would need to download and install the Italian speech/awards pack or copy and paste the IT folder from a previous IL-2 install into your missions/campaigns fokder of your HSFX game. That should do it. You will them see Italy (RA) in the air force drop down and Boelcke MTO campaign for Italian fighters in the careers section on the right.