101st 'Puma' Fighter Group DGen campaign v1.0

Author Juri_JS
Description Dynamic campaign for the Hungarian 101st 'Puma' Fighter Group.

The 101st Fighter Group was formed in May 1944 to defend Hungarian territory against attacks by the 15th U.S. Air Force. Later the unit fought against the advancing Red Army and was involved in the last German offensive 'Operation Spring Awakening'. The first two sub-campaigns are against the 15th U.S. Air Force, attacking Hungary from bases in Italy. The third sub-campaign takes place in January 1945 during Operation Konrad, when German and Hungarian forces tried to break the encirclement of Budapest. The final part of the campaign shows the last German offensive in Hungary and the Soviet counter attack.


American Season, May-August 1944
Home Defence, September-November 1944
Operation Konrad, January 1945
Spring Awakening, February-April 1945


Bf-109G6, Bf-109G6 late, Bf-109G10 and Bf-109G14.


Il2-Sturmovik 1946 4.11 or later. The campaigns should also work with mod packs like UltraPack or HSFX.

Asura's DGen_MOD version or later, available here:

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