Westfront campaign 1.3 for HSFX 6

Author Boelcke
Description The campaign contains the following parts:

Belgium 1939, Phoney war
Belgium 1940, Blitzkrieg
France 1940, Battle of france
France 1941: Circus (june 1941 till december 1941)
Channel front spring 1942: Butcher Bird
France autumn 1942: Fortresses ahead
Channel front January 1943: All quiet at the western front
Channel autumn 1943: War of attrition
France may 1944: Pre invasion phase
Normandy june 1944: DDay
Normandy july 1944: Breakout
Northern germany fall 1944: Throes of death
Ardennes: Operation Bodenplatte
Northern germany 1945: Defeat

The campaign is available for

Luftwaffe fighters, RAF and USAAF fighters, fighter bombers and bombers - some 2000 missions all together! you are able to fly nearly everything which was used in ww2 in the ETO. I´ve added some new content from 4.11 and HSFX 6 into the campaign like the Do 17, Hs 123, Hurri Bomber, early two blade Hurricane and so on.

The bomber campaign will start 1941 and ends with the invasion cause the other maps are to small for bomber operations.

The RAF fighter bomber campaign will start also in june 1941, cause the RAF didn´t made use of fighter bombers before this stage of war in the ETO.

The USAAF campaigns are starting in 1942 of course.

Flyable planes: Everything which is historical correct and available in HSFX ...

Used maps are Normandy, Ardennes and Northwest Europe. The maps are highly populated with objects from various mission/map template artists.

What do you need to get the campaign working: HSFX 6.01 and dgen.exe

skin packs:

USAAF skins:

RAF and Luftwaffe skins:




unzip all the files into the \DGEN folder from Il2

- The campaign was tested with the following values in the conf.ini [DGEN] section:


If you don´t find a [DGEN] section in your conf.ini file, copy and paste the whole values posted above into the conf.ini and start the campaign

Very important is

MaxFlak: I inserted a lot of anti aircraft guns in the Normandie map, make sure that MaxFlak is NOT more than 40 or you will have a flak hell over the Normandie coastal defences. It also matches my Defense of the Reich campaign.

MaxBomberSkill: Set it to "0" or the sniper gunners of the Fortresses will shoot you to pieces from huge distances.

DISABLE "UseParkedPlanes" or the campaign will crash when changing to the NWE and Ardennes maps.

A guide how to tweak your dgen campaigns according to your taste is available here:

- Skins:

To get all the skins from the skin pack into the proper folder please copy the skins from the

- Bf 109 E7N folder into the Bf 109 E7Z folder and

- the Hurricane IIc skins into the HurricaneIICB folder

- and the FW-190A-4 skins into the FW-190A-4FR folder.

It´s not needed to get the campaign working, but it adds a lot of immersion to it.


- The Hurricane Ia doesn´t work for allies as flyers plane, so i used the HUrricane Ib insted.

- The early RAF subcampaigns before summer 1941 do have some problems with the dates and time. It´s a software restriction that dgen.exe can´t support dates before the invasion of Russi in June 1941, so i had to choose wrong dates for the 1939-41 parts for the RAF, it will appear with dates from 1941 and 1942. From the channel part on it´s correct. For the Luftwaffe campaigns it was possible to choose the correct dates and times in 1940 and 41.

- In the autumn 1944 subcampaign, the Temptest V has airstarts. I couldn´t find the reason for it, as it is only the Tempest, the Spitfires are working well. So, we have to live with it.

Changes V 1.1:

- Fixing the loadout bug for the Bf 109 G6 Erla´s and Mid which can crash the campaign

- Added the Fw190 A4 FR to the campaign (thx to TheFruitBat)

- Added the Bf 109 E7N

- Removed the LaGG3 fake DW 520

- Changed the loadouts for the Typhoon: The Typhoon IB has now always bombs as loadouts, the IB Late always Rockets - so you can choose what´s the best for your taste.

- Both DDay subcampaigns are much more enriched with ground objects and effects like Arti barrage and fire and somke to make it more vivid, like a living battlefield

Be carefull, the rear area has now masses of german AA guns in the eastern direction of the map, the bridges are now heavy defended.
I recommend the allied DDay fighter bomber campaigns, much fun! But much more difficult than before.

Changes V 1.2:

- fixed some problems with the objects in the dday subcampaigns and populated more German airfields

Changes V 1.3:

- cleaned the crowded airfields to avoid crashes for the AI planes when landing and traxing to the dispersal area
- balanced the early war RAF subcampaigns for the AI in 4.11
- many minor fixes and changes in the other parts of the campaign
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