Kuban campaign for IL-2 Stock 4.10 v1.0

Author Boelcke
Description A dynamic campaign for Luftwaffe and VVS pilots.

The campaign contains the following subcampaigns from 1942 till 1944:

- Kuban 1942: Rush for asia
- Kuban 1943: Kuban 1943
- Prohorovka 1943: Zitadelle
- Kuban fall 1943: Retreat from Kuban
- Crimea 1944

Historical correct plane set and skins for all units (if possible in IL2).

The campaign was tested with IL2 1946 Pacific Fighters and DGEN.EXE V

For the campaign i made extensive use of mission templates which are available for use from some guys and put it to the campaign mis-files. As a result, you will see much more populated maps, airfields and a very nice and populated town of Novorossik_

A big thx to the creators of the map templates:

- CrashBangWallop
- Beebop
- NHawk52
- lowfighter
- zbw_109
- JackPof
- Jadehawk

The skin pack is as a separate download available


Copy all files into the \DGEN folder - that´s it.


The campaign file pack pack is a non commercial product. Every commercial use is denied by the author.

Do not upload the campaign anywhere else or alter the campaign files.

Contact the author at for permission.
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    Can I fly this with the current HSFX as well?