Defense of the Reich for stock IL-2 4.01 or higher

Author Boelcke
Description update Vers. 1.2

The Defense of the Reich campaign was designed for Il2 stock 4.1.0 or better

Included is

- a Luftwaffe fighter campaign from 1943-45 and (Defense of the Reich)

- an USAAF fighter campaign 1943-45. (Battle over Germany)

The USAAF fighter campaign has mostly airstarts.

You can start the Luftwaffe campaign “Boelckes Defense of the Reich” in the campaign rooster

or the USAAF fighter campaign “Boelckes Battle over Germany” in the USAAF campaign rooster.

The campaign contains the following subcampaigns:

- Germany Berlin 1943

You encounter bomber formations mostly without escort. Sometimes some P47 and/or P38 will appear, but only a few.

- Big week February 1944

The bomber formations are now larger and all the formations are now escorted. P51 fighters are shown the first time.

- Germany Berlin Spring 1944

The USAAF fighters are becoming more aggressive and skilled.

- Balaton Hungary 1944

You will encounter formations of the 5th USAAF from italy, with famous units like the checkertail clan and others.

- Northern germany atumn 1944

In autumn 1944 the luftwaffe units were reassembled and equipped with new fughters after the huge losses suffered at the invasion battles. You will now encounter USAAF and now RAF planes also. New planes like the Fw190D9 will be available for you as Luftwaffe pilot. The missions are totaly different to the previous, with much more fighter bomber interception and twin engined bomber formations of the 2nd TAF and 9th USAAF.

- Berlin end of 1944

The last stand against huge formations of US planes over Berling. Mostly bomber interception missions. A lot of new planes are available for Luftwaffe even the new jets.

- Bodenplatte (*new*)

Take part in the Ardennes operations of the Luftwaffe or USAAF.

- Germany 1945

The US planes are doing much more fighter sweeps and ground attack missions. The missions are harder for Luftwaffe pilots.

- Battle of Berlin 1945

Defending the town against the russian army, you will encounter VVS forces in large numbers. It´s totally different to the missions against the USAAF.

- Jet age, the last days

The intention was to create a short subcampaign of the last days before defeat, with all the jet planes available in Il-2 - a "what if".

Flyable planes:

BF_109G6 AS
BF_109G14 AS
BF_109K4 C3
FW_190D9 late
ME_262 A1A


Unzip the files and copy them into the DGEN folder of Il2, there are some few files from BOE included so that you can play the Ardennes subcampaign, if you have BOE already, you can overwrite these files, it will do no harm.

I´ve done a new skin pack for the new campaign:

More than 150 skins done by myself, i have assembled the skins into one big generic skin pack for the Defense of the Reich campaign and the new West front campaign - available as separate download here:

USAAF skin pack:

RAF and Luftwaffe skin packs:

IMPORTANT: Recommended settings for the [DGEN] section of the CONF.INI:

My settings are these


Very important is

MaxFlak: I inserted a lot of anti aircraft guns in the Berlin map, make sure that MaxFlak is NOT more than 40 or you will have a flak hell over Berlin. With 40 you will have a lot of flak, adding immersion. If you don´t like it, experiment with less than 40.

MaxBomberSkill: Set it to "0" or the sniper gunners of the Fortresses will shoot you to pieces from huge distances.

DIABLE "UseParkedPlanes" or the campaign will crash when changing to the NWE and Ardennes maps.

A video from the campaign at youtube:


You will need a decent hardware to play with the large bomber formations, if you encounter FPS problems try the patch with smaler bomber formations - reduced from 39 to 26 planes combat boxes. Copy the files from the zip file into the DGEN folder of IL2 OVER THE CAMPAIGN FILES, overwriting the old files, that´s it:

Smaler bomber formations


The campaign file pack pack is a non commercial product. Every commercial use is denied by the author.

Do not upload the campaign anywhere else or alter the campaign files.

Contact the author at for permission.
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