Fw190D-9, WMr 600xxx, Black <||, Stab I./JG2, Frankfurt april 1945

Author Boelcke
Description A mutch debated plane, JaPo publishing is allocating it to JG 2, whereas other sources claimed it a JG 4 bird. According to the explanations from JaPo publishing, i choosed JG2 as unit.
Thew plane was painted RLM 76/82/83 on the fuselage, the lower wing wtih W2 scheme. The upper colour isn´t realy clear, possibel is RLM 82/83 but more likely the high contrast scheme RLM 76/83.
The skin pack containes the black <|| skin and a generic.
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Date Sunday 08 May 2022 - 10:58:45
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    Awesome work my friend.