Night fighters over the Kuban

Author Juri_JS
Description Fly the Bf-110G2 as night fighter pilot of 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 during April to June 1943 on the Kuban map.

10.(NJ)/ZG 1 was formed in October 1942. Not much is know about the first months of its existence, but from February 1943 onward it was based at Bagerovo on the Kerch peninsula as a night fighter squadron tasked with the defense of the Kerch Strait area. Most of the supplies for the German forces fighting in the Kuban bridgehead had to be transported across the narrow strait between the Crimea and the Taman peninsula, so the area became a primary target for Soviet night bombers. The pilots of 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 also carried out missions over or near the front to counter frequent night harassment attacks, often flown by obsolete biplanes. None of the units Bf-110s was equipped with radar, so interceptions had to be done in close cooperation with searchlights batteries. Despite the lack of onboard radar and the small number of available aircraft, the unit scored dozens of night victories. In August 1943 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 became the 5th Staffel of NJG 200, one of the two dedicated eastern front night fighter Geschwader the Luftwaffe formed during the war.

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