Hurricanes over Murmansk Mission Pack for HSFX 7

Author Juri_JS
Description In the summer of 1941 it was decided to send the 151 Wing of the RAF to the strategically important port of Murmansk in northern Russia. The Wing consisted of the 81 and 134 Squadron, both equipped with the Hurricane IIb.
The first elements of 151 Wing arrived at Vaenga airfield about 10 km north-east from Murmansk on 7 September 1941 after flying from the carrier Argus. During the following month, the Royal Air Force provided air cover to Soviet troops trying to hold off enemy forces from Murmansk and the Murmansk railway. In particular they provided fighter escorts to Soviet bomber aircraft operating along the front. The RAF pilots carried out their final operational flight on 8 October 1941. At that point, they started handing their aircraft and equipment over to the Soviet Air Force. The personnel of 151 Wing returned by sea on British ships and they started arriving back in Britain on 7 December.

The missions require HSFX 7.

Skins by Cheruskerarmin and VPMedia.

All missions are based on historical events.
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