Ju52 Squadronskinpack 10./KGzbV1-10./TG1 MTO 1943

Author cheruskerarmin
Description A semihistorical skinpack containing 12 fully marked Ju52 of 10.Staffel to make up either the full squadron from april to may 1943, or two flights from april up to august 1943.
As part of III./KGzbV1 this squadron was heavily involved in the airbattles over Tunisia in spring 1943 and suffered a lot of losses.
All skins based as well as possible on historical photographs.
This one replaces an older skinpack.

The skinpack is compatible with all game versions. Two skins made twice for use with the Ju52 engine mod.

Enjoy - feedback appreciated.
Image 10.kgzbv1-10.tg1_thumb.jpg
Size 11MB
Date Wednesday 01 January 2014 - 12:41:44
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