Ju52 Squadronskinpack 16./KGzbV1-16./TG1 MTO 1942-44

Author cheruskerarmin
Description A semihistorical skinpack containing 12 fully marked Ju52 skins of 16.Staffel in MTO service for making up either
-the complete staffel from march to june 1943,
-one flight out of the staffel from july 1942 to june 1943,
-one flight of paintschemes suitable from march 1943 to june 1943 and from february to october 1944.

The squadron was part of IV./KGzbV1 and heavily involved in action.
The skinpack is compatible with all game versions.
Enjoy - feedback appreciated.
Image 16.kgzbv1-16.tg1thumb.jpg
Size 9MB
Date Thursday 12 December 2013 - 23:08:10
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    Hi Henk! Don't worry about repeating - you are one of those
    very few who gives any feedback at all.
    Thank you very much for this, i'm glad you like the skins. smile


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    Hi Armin, I'm afraid I'm going to repeat myself; what a beautiful pack again. Great skins, thoroughly resaerched, three time periodes this time.
    Danke schön Onkel Ju.