IL-2 1946 4.10 (English/International)

Author Team Daidalos
Description IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 v4.10m Patch
Official English Language version, please check the Readme file carefully when installing.

Strictly for use with official version of IL-2 1946
Do NOT use with a modded game installation, you must be patched to version 4.09m before installing


Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946



The current version 4.10m is not compatible with the previous versions of the flight simulator when playing over the network (Online). Both the server and client must have the appropriate versions in order to connect.

Attention: Version 4.10m is only for a merged version of the simulator of the proper version (FB+AEP+PF).

Add-On Installation Instructions (Please read carefully)

The Il-2 1946 add-on v.4.10m installs only over v.4.09m.

In order to install this add-on, run the file 410m.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that this add-on is impossible to install over stand alone Pacific Fighters.

Content of 410m.exe

Main features:

MDS (Moving Dogfight Server).
Structural G limits.
QMB & FMB improvements.
All new QMB missions and ability to add new user missions to QMB.
Multi-throttle/prop support and radiator axis.
Advanced joystick profiles.
Navigation improvements.
Engine reliability difficulty option.
Improved pilot damage difficulty option.
Reworked national markings and historical units of Finland, Italy, Romania, Germany, USSR and GB (RAF & RN).
Revised flight models for all Spitfires.

Solomons map

New flyable planes:
Hs 129 B-2 & B-3
Ju 88 A-17
Ju 88 A-4/Torp
He 111 H-12

New Spitfire variants:
Spitfire Mk Vb 12lbs
Spitfire Mk Vb 16lbs
Spitfire Mk Vb M46 16lbs
Spitfire Mk Vc 16lbs
Spitfire Mk IXc M61
Spitfire Mk IXc M63
Spitfire Mk IXc HF
Spitfire Mk IX 25lbs CLP

New AI planes:
R-5 (ski version included)
G.55 Sottoserie 0
Cant Z1007
Do 217 K-1
Do 217 K-2

New weapons:
Motobomba FFF (LT 350)
Mk103 for Hs 129

Weapon related changes:
New 3D models for SC50, SC70 & Wfr.Gr. 21.
New ETC50VIIId bomb rack for Bf 109 series.
All new weapon meshes for Hs-129.
Loadout changes for Bf 109 & He 111 H-6 & Ju 88 A-4.
Torpedo-Kommandogerät for Ju 88 A-17, Ju 88 A-4/Torp and He 111 H-6.
Fuse arming for bombs.
Realistic torpedo drop speeds & heights.
External stores jettison feature. (bombs, BK7.5 & Wfr.Gr. 21).
Adjusted ammo count for F6F-3, F6F-5, Bf 109, Morane & various IL-2 variants.

Navigation aids for ground & sea:
Non-directional beacon stationary object.
YG directional beacon stationary object
YE directional beacon added to allied carriers.
Lorenz blind landing beacon stationary object.
Army Air Force Instrument Approach System stationary object.
Meacon (masking beacon) stationary object.
AM radio station tower stationary objects for various countries.
NBD added to all IJN carriers.
NDB added to few axis destroyers & subs.

Environment changes:
Dynamically changing muzzle flash light intensity. More ambient light -> less visible "yellow" flash on model surfaces.
Light objects can be used as runway lights. Add new order to request lights on.
High altitude sky color change.
Adjustable night darkness via day & month parameters.
Changed calculation of moon phase so that phase is historically correct for the mission date.
Ship smoke is now visible from larger distances.
Winter textures for trains.
Winter textures for bridges.
Added adjustable wind parameters to FMB.
Added Wind effect to bullets, rockets and bombs.
Changed cloud height min & max values in mission.
Modified ski plane taxing on snow.
AI planes are affected by wind.

Other small changes & improvements:
Reworked DM for bridges which are now considerably tougher.
External model changes for Ju 88 and adjusted damage model.
Small cockpit changes for Ju 88.
P.11c external model changes, new collision boxes and DM code and adjusted FM.
Binocular view for Ju 88 A-4/torp, Ju 88 A-17 & He 111 H-6.
Added RDF indicator to SM.79 cockpit
SM.79 damage model changes.
Bf 110 G-2 external model changes.
Bf 110 G-2 pit changes and new radio operators.
Gladiator/J8A changes.
He 111 cockpit instrument changes.
He 111 ground handling modified.
Mig-3 cockpit landing gear lights updated.
MC.200 Series VII cockpit landing gear lights updated.
MC.202 cockpit night texture updated.
Mosquito FB Mk VI cockpit changes.
Yak-15 compass updated.
Modified AI ground attack maneuvers for very nimble aircrafts.
Modified AI torpedo attack routine so that AI obeys the torpedo drop speed/alt constraints.
Fuselage length in P-51 FM adjusted.
Modified G4M-11 & Ki-27 airspeed gauges.
Fw 190 & Ta 152 cockpit "bar" made smaller.
Modified camera Z-Near plane values for several cockpits.
Adjusted I-15bis FM.
Changed Italian G.50 spinner cap to round type instead of pointed type.
Aichi D3A cockpit compass alignment modified.
New default skins for IAR-80 & IAR-81.
Adjusted default skin Alpha Channel for all twin-seater Il-2 models.
Modified I-153 pit reticle mask.
Fokker D.XXI overheating adjusted.
Propeller on Fokker D.XXI is now visible through tube sight.
Anified all San Giorgio reticles and sights.
Modified formations for certain planes.
Disabled flaps on a slider for planes with up/down flaps only.
Changed float carburetor behavior.
Added new Shilling Orifice carburetor to certain Spitfires.
Changed LOD switch distances for Ju 87 & Seafire.
Adjusted dive recovery in Ju 87 & Ju 88.
Removed brake sound from ski planes.
Adjusted aircraft AI gunners accuracy and night behavior.
Added intermediate ejected shell type between the small rifle caliber and large cannon caliber.
Added individual weights to all pylons.
MG 81 rate of fire adjusted.
Changed starting position of aircraft contrails to always be at the same level as engine & closer to the engine itself.
Minimap centering removed when icons are off.
Unfrozen river on Slovakia map.
Added waypoint bearing & distance labels added to minimap & briefing screen.
Added new difficulty option for showing player icon on minimap regardless of the minimap path option.
Changed Murmansk winter map camo to winter while keeping the water liquid.
Added random dispersion for rockets.
Added support for full date (day/month/year) in missions.
Size of the FMB Load/Save dialog box can be configured.
Adjusted tank armor to historical values.
Adjusted train damage models.
Adjusted collision model of submerged submarines making them more vulnerable to near misses.
Modified bunkers damage model so that they are much harder to destroy.
Modified moving tanks so that they don't stop to shoot at fast flying planes with large caliber cannons.
Changed Italian tracers to red.
Adjusted side slip orientation of few bomb sights (He 111, Ju 88, SM.79, B-25, A-20, Ar 234).
Added bow wave effect and synchronization of partial damage over net for some older ships.
Added "detonator" to Mistel’s nose to make sure it detonates on impact.
Adjusted force feedback effect when firing guns.
Added player name & call sign filtering to server so that only standard Latin & Cyrillic characters are accepted.
Adjusted rear gun movement limits for DB-3 early variants.
Modified AI so that it can switch manual supercharger gears.
Added two new transparent runway types.
Modified N1K combat flaps.

Daidalos Team would like to thank following people:

302_Corsair for Polish translation.
Abraxa for G55 skins.
Alessandro 'Sternjaeger' Taffetani & for Re.2000 references.
Antti-Pekka Tuovinen for testing and Fokker missions.
Birdman for Stuka & Seafire LOD fixes.
Bolox for PeilG texture.
Bruno Dilecce for G.55 and ToKG references.
CanonUK for Swordfish and Fulmar skins.
Cpt_Farrel for all German skins.
Dan Clewett (SC/JG_DC) for structural G tweaking and testing.
Feathered_IV for cooperation on I-15 cockpit textures.
Flakiten for flares.
IceFire for missions and testing.
Italo for Cant Z.1007 skins.
Ivan 'ZloyPetrushkO' Petrov for ballistics code.
JapanCat for 3D support.
Jeronimo for original CW-21 cockpit model.
Jippo for original Ju 88 models.
JP-Dore for French translation.
Kwiatek for P-11c references.
Loku for P-11c improvements.
Martin Mednis for Hs 129 information and very cool field trip to see real Hs 129 cockpit.
Maurizio Di Terlizzi for original San Giorgio manual.
Mike Abbott (SC/JG_Oesau) for structural G tweaking and testing.
Motorhead for Russian regiments list.
Mr. Moonlight for IAR skins.
Sean Trestrail for structural G tweaking and testing of almost everything.
Sergey "skvorez" Prokofiev for Russian regiments list. community for Russian references.
Tainan group for N1K combat flaps research.
Team Pacific for Solomons maps.
Waldo Pepper for technical support & guidance related to radars and radio navigation.
Zipo for starting Fulmar and CantZ.1007 models.
Zoltán Nagy for Hungarian translation.

Special thanks to all beta testers and whole IL-2 community!

Daidalos Team:

102nd_HR_cmirko - administration
1SMV_Gitano - 3D modelling, texturing
352ndBooze - 3D modelling
6S.Maraz - programming, 3D modelling
Aracno - 3D modelling
archie1971 - references
Buster_Dee - 3D modelling, texturing
Caspar - 3D modelling, texturing
char_aznable - 3D modelling, texturing
csThor - texturing, research
FC99 - programming, FM
Hurri-Khan - texturing, research
I/JG54_Gringo - texturing, research
Ivank - testing, research
JtD - testing, FM, research
Jurinko - testing, disturbing images
Jutocsa - 3D modelling
LAL_R One - texturing
LesniHU - programming, FM
M. Boose - administration
magot - 3D modelling
Martin - management
MicroWave - programming, Head of the Breaking Wind Department
Psy06 - 3D modelling
rik - texturing
Robo - texturing
SaQSoN - 3D modelling
TamaT - 3D modelling
Viikate - programming, 3D modelling
Willy - management, research
yogy - research
Zuti - programming

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© 2010 Daidalos Team. All Rights Reserved.
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