ANZAC Day 2013 L-159F as RNZAF A-4s

Author Jaypack44
Description This pack includes five skins for the L-159F "Petrel" mod by GJE52, available here:,29003.0.html

These skins represent four different schemes carried by A-4 Skyhawks flown by the RNZAF.

#1 and #2 represent the overall dark green scheme introduced in 1997.

#3 represents the 1984 fighter/bomber scheme

#4 represents the 1970 fighter/bomber scheme

#5 represents the scheme carried by several A-4s that were sold to New Zealand by the RAAF.


Template by me (Jaypack44), with elements taken from templates by Croc and Phas3e, as well as a few elements by GJE52.


Feel free to use/abuse these skins as you see fit. This includes for missions, campaigns, and the like, provided proper credit is given. Please do not upload them (or any modified versions of them) ANYWHERE without my prior permission. For commercial use, please contact me before proceeding.

Questions, comments, criticisms, feedback, etc. can all be directed to me via PM on,, or, or via my email at @

Thanks, and enjoy!


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