Bf-109K4 from 9./JG 77 WNR 330225 - twin pack

Author Boelcke
Description Bf-109K-4 from 9./JG 77 WNR 330225, pilot Franz Menzel, with an early version from November 1944 without fuselage band and a late version of the same plane with fuselage band in early 1945 - JG 77 introduced the fuselage bands around new years day 1945.


Two marked skins and two blanks included.

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Date Saturday 10 November 2012 - 08:49:56
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  • 11 years ago
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    ... a spendid skin mate, but I have a prob, I just can't fly with it since there is no engine included with the skin ... biglaugh
  • 11 years ago
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    Great skin Boelcke, it looks realy like being assembled from different heaps of spare parts from several sources. Would love to see more like these.
    A blank without unit badge would also be very much appreciated. Thanks for this beauty