47th Bomb Group A-20B Skinpack Part 2

Author Jarink
Description The 47th Bomb Group was the only USAAF group to use the Douglas A-20 Havoc in the MTO. They entered action early in January 1943 in southern Tunisia. After the German surrender in N Africa, the group participated in the bombing of the islands of Pantellaria and Lampedusa. In late summer 1943 the group moved to Malta, flying many missions in co-operation with RAF and SAAF light bomber units, some of which also flew the Douglas bomber. The group was able to move to airfields in Italy proper starting in September 1943. In 1945 the group started transitioning to the new A-26 Invader, finally giving up some of the A-20Bs they had been flying for the past two years!

Part 2 includes 4 generic skins and 3 "marked" skins with repositioned nose art for use with the Boston III's.
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Date Monday 16 April 2012 - 05:39:59
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    great stuff - thx for the generics, will make good use of them smile