Boston III 24 Sqn SAAF Skinpack

Author Jarink
Description In the spring of 1941, No. 14 Sqn, SAAF (South African Air Force) was moved from Kenya to Egypt and renamed No. 24 Sqn to avoid confusion with the RAF's No. 14 Sqn which was also operating in North Africa. Originally equipped with Douglas Maryland light bombers, the squadron converted to the Douglas Boston III in November 1941 and used them through December 1943. They flew alongside other SAAF squadrons, Nos. 12 and later 14, forming No. 3 (SAAF) Wing.

The squadron's insignia, a white and black disk with a bomb-dropping eagle included the motto was "Per Noctem - Per Diem", which means “By night - by day”. It was normally painted on both sides of the nose of No. 24 Sqn aircraft.

Although technically a separate and independent air force, the SAAF served under RAF operational control during WWII. Camouflage schemes, paint colors and even the national insignia were the same. Later in the war, the red portions of the insignia were changed to the orange used by the SAAF.

This pack includes 6 marked skins and one "roundels" blank.
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    Jarink, I mainly fly desert campaigns, so you have no idea how much I welcome your nice pack ...

    THX for sharing mate ...!!
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    Welldone job - and a unit of my very interest!