B-17G 457th Bomb Group Skinpack

Author Jarink
Description The 457th arrived in England at the beginning of 1944. Assigned to the First Bomb Division, 94th Combat Wing of the Eighth Air Force and set up camp at a new airfiled called Glatton (even though it bordered on the village of Conington, it was given the name to avoid confusion with another airfield at Coningsby). The group flew its first missions during "Big Week" in February 1944 and continued flying missions (87 total) for the rest of the war.

For much more information, go to the 457th Bomb Group Association website.

The following planes are included in this pack, plus one generic skin:
748th Bomb Squadron
Tis Me Sugar 42-97558
Wild Hare 43-37826
Big Gass Bird 43-38394
Mysterious Witch43-38537
Kraut Krusher 43-38909
Miss Ida 44-8152
Mission Maid 42-38021

749th Bomb Squadron
Lady Luck 42-32051
Calalmity Jane II 42-97060
Butch 43-37574
Ace of Hearts 43-37733
Lady B Good 43-38594
Arf N Arf 42-38064

750th Bomb Squadron
The GI Virgin II 42-32098

751st Bomb Squadron
Disciplinary Action 42-97587
The Gadget 43-38301
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