Bf109G-6 Late, white16, 1./JG 301, pilot Horst Prenzel, France July 1944 - V2

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Description Bf109G-6 Late, white16, pilot Horst Prenzel

blank skin included

On 14 June 1944, 1./ JG 301 moved via Villacoublay to St. Dizier in France and on 24 June arrived in St. André. During June and July 1944 they flew almost exclusively night interception sorties against overflying RAF bomber formations.

In the early hours of 21 July Prenzel (Staffelkapitän 1./JG 301) landed his Me 109 G-6 'white 16' apparently in error at RAF Manston on the east Kent coast, after a 'Wilde Sau' sortie over the invasion area.

V2: Corrected a glitch when choosing the MW 50 option
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