Bf109G-14, WNr 462649, Black 6, pilot Alfred Grislawski - V2

Author Boelcke
Description Bf109G-14, WNr 462649, Black 6, pilot Alfred Grislawski, 11./Jg53, Paderborn September 1944

Alfred Grislawski was shot down with this aircraft on September 26th 1944, over Münster, after combat with US fighters. He was able to bail out wounded.

I didn´t find fotos from this plane, only profiles - which are mostly wrong. According to the production number (WNr), the plane was an Erla factory build aircraft, which sported the typical Erla painting with straight demarcation line between RLM 74/75 and RLM 76 and the typical RLM 70 blotches on the fuselage.

So, perhaps call it semi historic.

V2: Two versions of the skin - one with alpha layer and one without
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