Fw190D9 Weserflug factory build - V2

Author Boelcke
Description The early build Weserflug Doras (WNR 4xx xxx) had a RLM 82/83/76 paintscheme sometimes the fuselage toned down with RLM 02. Later on the planes had and upper wings high contrast schem with RLM 76/83 or 81. The lower wings all had the W3 scheme with partly unpainted areas.

The skinpack containes a generic paintscheme for the 4xx xxx batch and according to that the Fw190D9 WNR 400271, black 1 + -, from 10./JG 2, found at Altenstadt March 1945. Also, with the later camouflage schem, the Yellow 11, WNr 4006??, from 7./JG 2, May 1945. Unusual is the overspray of the fuselage with RLM 82.

V2: Corrected some small glitches and added a skin with alpha layer for each aircraft
Image Fw190D9_WNr4xxxxx_schw1_a.png
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Date Thursday 17 March 2022 - 14:55:04
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