Bf109G14 generic skin pack - V2

Author Boelcke
Description Bf109 G14 generic skin pack with three skins representing the production of the Messerschmitt Bf109 G14.

It is difficult to say when the Bf109G6 has become the G14, cause the G14 was a standardised version, unifiying all the modifications introduced in the Bf109G6 production like the MW-50, DB 605AM engine, Erla canopy, etc.

The G14 was produced in the following blocks: 16x xxx, 78x xxx at Messerschmitt factory Regenburg, 4xx xxx at Erla factory and 51x xxx at WNF factory.

The Regensburg build G14 wore the standard camouflage RLM 74/75/76

The early Erla buiid G14 had the usual pattern in RLM 76/74/75, at the end of the war the RLM 74/75 was replaced with RLM 82/81

The WNF-build G14 had a camouflage alsmost identical with the early Erla G14´s, with the rudder and lower part of the cowling in yellow

V2: Added skins with alpha layer
Image bf109g14_erla.png
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Date Saturday 12 March 2022 - 16:22:48
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