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    Hello old friends... this is Beowolff, and I'm sorry I haven't been around in a long time but I've been a pretty sick puppy... heart attacks, cancer, etc... but, I'm BACK in the modding field and have a BRAND new site called IL2 Air Combat. (note, I am no longer associated with my old Free Modder modding tutorial site!)

    Anyway, we've been up a few months there at IL2 Air Combat and things are going well... in some cases a bit 'too well' as being a one-man-admin is not an easy task, especially while trying to mod, working around my old farm, etc. But aside from that it's a great little place with some REALLY friendly guys hanging out there.

    And we've got a ton of mods! Some old, some not so old... AND SOME BRAND NEW.

    There's many NEW planes on there now that is not in ANYBODY else's packs or sites... totally new stuff freshly created.

    Here's the rub;

    I am part of a group that we loosely call, 'The Underground Modders" not because we're driven underground by our own actions, but rather to remain somewhat private and avoid people making demands and or whatever, you know what I mean... our work is first rate. However our 3D modeler is REALLY short on time and finds it impossible to make new skins and or even templates for most of his magnificent models.

    I personally have never been a skinner, preferring to work with some light 3D on occasion but mostly in the Java end of mod making. I don't know the first thing about skinning nor especially about making templates when no voids exist etc, etc.

    Anyway, we could really use a bit of help on occasion to 'try' and get new skins for these wonderful NEW models.

    Is there anyone here that would be interested in helping us (on occasion) with some of this work?

    If so, please register at the site and I'll approve you ASAP... then if you can, check out our WIP/Mod section and our NEW birds there of which there are several... then pm or email me with 'what you think' can be done.

    BTW... virtually all of my members are 4.12 mod-act and 4.12 VP pack flyers, though most of our new mods will work in 4.09/4.10 and 4.12.

    Also, ALL of you GREAT guys are welcome there at IL2 Air combat. We're friendly and helpful and we're there to ENJOY the game...and FLY it! We have no other purpose or goal.

    IL2 Air Combat Site Link:

    Your friend, biglaugh


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