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Luftwaffe Channel Aces 1941 - 44
Author Boelcke
Description 30 skins - 15 marked and 15 blanks

for Bf 109 F2, F4, G6, Fw 190 A2, A4, A5, A7 and A8 from JG 2 and JG 26

Bf 109 F2 and F4 from Revolver
Bf 109 G6 from Revolver, Jesters and Foo.Bar
Fw 190 A2 from JG27_Waggel
Fw 190 A4, A5, A7 and A8 from Revolver

What does the skin pack contain:
Pips Priller Bf109 F2 1941:

Pips Priller Fw190 A8 1944:

Fw190 A8 of Wolgang Rose 4./JG 26 summer 1944

Fw 190 A2 Ludwig Hartmann 9./JG 2 1942

Fw 190 A4 Siegfried "Wumm" Schnell 1942

Fw 190 A5 Stab III./JG 2 Egon Mayer 1943

Hans Hahn Bf 109 F2 of III./JG 2 in November 1941 (the kill markings on the pic are reworked):

Erich Rudorffer Bf 109 F4 6./JG 2 winter 1941/1942:

Reworked Fw 190A5 of Walter Oesau Kommodore of JG 2 1943:

Reworked Fw 190 A7 of Waldemar Radener 1944:

Bf109G6 III./JG 26 pilot Dietwin Pape, spring 1944

Bf109G6 III./JG 26 pilot Klaus Mietusch, spring 1944

Fw190 A2 of Hans "Assi" Hahn, Stab III./JG 2 1942

Fw190 A2 Pipps Priller JG 26 1942

Sources: Jagdwaffe series, Caldwell´s JG 26 diary, Rodeike Fw 190A, D and Ta 152 and Aircraftillustration by Mark Styling

The skin pack is a non-commercial product. Every commercial use is denied by the author. Do not edit or alter the skins. They are not to be re-uploaded anywhere without my permission
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Date Saturday 21 April 2012 - 21:23:27
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