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The latest downloads here at A&A
New from HBPencil
A wonderful Sopwith Dolphin flown by the New Zealand ace Captain Ronald Bannerman of No. 79 Squadron.
Please see the included Read Me file.

Get it here -
New from PatCartier
Fantastic Yak1s127 of Lydia Litvyak 73th gvIAP
4k Template by ICDP

Get them here -
New from PatCartier
3 amazing yaks 1s127 of 267th IAP
#20, #34 and #41"Free Donbass"

Get them here -
New from PatCartier
4 more fantastic yaks 1s127 of GC3 Normandie
#6 flown by sous-lieutenant Durand, #13 flown by capitaine Béguin, #29 and #35

Get them here -
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